thanks to USA final support to Kurdistan people

DEAR SIR Initially we Kurdish people from Kurdistan offer both thanks and gratitude to the honorable attitude of the Government of the United States represented by its president Mr. Barack Obama and all those who contributed to press the United States to take this fair attitude of recent events in the province of Kurdistan and starting to support directly the Peshmerga forces with modern weapons, with crews trained for this equipment. This position of the United States is worthy so that person stands at it and evaluate it in highest values . The recent events showed weak points by peshamarga in resisting these monsters Aldoaash so those monsters progressed much in the territory of Kurdistan, but the highly appreciable attitude of the United States halted progress of Aldoaash, aired morale high in the Peshmerga forces .now if we start to declare the reasons of failure of Peshmerga forces that could be seen in the following points . 1 - lack of planning of these forces and the unwillingness to defend the territory of Kurdistan and the poor distribution of these forces on wide area of the territory of Kurdistan and in sufficient numbers of these forces and without taking into account strategic locations to spread in . The All these reasons has led to progress Aldoaash towards Chenkal and Rabia, MOSUL DAM . 2 - Interior competition between local parties. The progress Aldoaash in the areas of Nineveh and Diyala led these parties to bandying cornered among them. 3 influential Sunni tribes in these areas and the lack of compatibility with the Peshmerga forces and the presence of their special agendas, especially those Sunni tribes intersect with the goals of the provincial government . The Sunni tribes to open Road to Aldoaash to enter their areas and have become fertile incubator to all these criminals. This position is so shameful for these tribes to not fit with the values of Arab thoroughbreds known by pride themselves. 4- unwillingness by Kurdish forces to rapid attacks lead to progress of Aldoaash in various sectors . 5. No existence of previous experience of such wars . 6- poorly equipped logistics. 7- miscalculation by the provincial government to the ambitions of Aldoaash in the province of Kurdistan, and the government officials believe that Aldoaash do not attack on the the territory of the province . 8- Officials of the provincial government of fomenting placed secession from Iraq and willingness to do the procedures for a referendum for this purpose. The role of the United States is very important in the removal of these reasons that led to progress Aldoaash in the land Korstan. The importance of this role back for the following reasons. 1 – That the Peshmerga of Kurdistan Region is fighting on behalf of the Western world, especially the United States and Western Europe and to fight against obscurantist ideologies of these monsters. The gathering these monsters from all over the world and the establishment of specific countries by helping them financially and militarily worthy of the United States to stand supportive to who fights these Aldoaash . 2- That the Kurdistan Region is the final secure site to the United States in Iraq and that the Kurds are the most loyal friends of the United States . 3 - The oil and gas resources of the region of Kurdistan represents a point of safety to supply Europe with oil and gas, especially after the establishment of Russia to reduce the export of Gas Europe .So its necessary to maintain this area to preserve the national security of Europe and America . 4 - The United States has spent dearly in ridding Iraq of the former regime and the establishment of a free Iraq, a federal system. It is necessary to ensure the success of this experiment. Where the failure of this experiment represents a catastrophic failure of the policy of the United States in the region. The current situation of the province of Kurdistan unenviable of all attitudes where the central government has a hostile attitude to the Kurdistan Region through. 1-cutting the region's share from the general budget for several months till now . 2- non-supplying Peshmerga forces with weapons . 3- differentiation sectarian and ethnic by the government of the center with the region 3 . 4- Insistence by the central government to control all Finance incomes of Iraq as a whole. 5 -insistence on not solving the problem areas Article 140 of the Constitution. With the knowledge that the Iraqi army cannot protect these areas and defeated them shamefully unworthy army. The current situation in Iraq has become more complicated, but cannot be solved except through the application of project Mr. Biden by dividing Iraq into three federations. With the knowledge that there is dishonest competition by the Arab parties to govern Iraq is a dictatorship. The negotiating position of the delegation of the Kurdistan Region in Baghdad is very difficult through the non-implementation of conventions signed earlier with the province, as well as the greed of the chauvinistic Arab parties in territories, the Kurdish oil-rich, as well as the presence of pressure by regional governments not to allow to expand the powers of the Kurdistan region . Finally, we say to our friends in the United States and Europe that the province of Kurdistan represents the real incubator of democracy and secure home for all Iraqis. Where Kurdistan Region gather hundreds of thousands of people from all religions and nationalities and denominations, as well as Arabs who kill and displace them. Thus Kurdish people showed the finest images of forgiveness and national. So the United States should put all its weight in the Kurdistan region and contribute to the achievement of the Kurdish demands and consider equally the local parties, regardless of the tendencies of these parties . That contribute to the arming of all Peshmerga forces in a balanced manner. Where any breach of any front represents a major threat to region . Finally we wish to see the positions of American clearer with the province and to allow American companies to buy oil of Kurdistan . Any progress step by the United States towards the Kurds will offset progress steps by the Kurds towards the United States. Wish you success and our safety
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