Introduction Letter The AITDIB was found in 2007 by an initiative of a group of Iraqi Businessmen; those Businessmen desire to serve Economy & Reconstruction campaign that may let the Private Sector work side by side along with the governmental entities. The AITDIB had branches in most Iraq's provinces & for the necessity we found an office for the Association in Kurdistan Region which create & influence to continuance the support & the connections between Businessmen & investors all the Iraqi Regions & provide suggestions to encourage investment, industrial & commerce operations that will bolstering the reconstructions & development process in the region. We realize that the participation of AITDIB in the development process is very important to support the future orientations & expectations of the private sector & encourage the investors inside & abroad Iraq to facilitate the coming projects. Meantime, the AITDIB is an NGO concerns to develop investment, industry & commerce since it has a moral independent finance & admin personality. The main purpose of our Association is to promote the industrial & commercial fields & to set the correct foundations for this goal, also we work to take the benefit from the expertise of the developed countries & to keep abreast of the developments in the other countries in the industrial & commercial aspects through provide access to knowledge of networking & skills. The AITDIB has representatives abroad such as Turkey , Bulgaria , German , USA , Iraq , Sweden & Malaysia & protocols of cooperation were discussed with the Chamber of Commerce of the mentioned countries & with the comparative NGO's. AITDIB Aims: Encourage the investment inside & abroad, encourage foreign trade, industry, agriculture, tourism & other kind of investments. Urge the National capitals to invest their funds in the country to develop the national industry & provide all kinds of free consultations. Provide free consultations to the Governmental Bodies. Urge the Arabian & Foreign investors to invest in Iraq. Make exhibitions to exhibit the National products & to promote the products abroad. Facilitate the mission & the transactions of the merchants & Industrials to provide the modern & developed commercial & industrial consultations. Settle the conflicts between the merchants & industrials that are belong to the profession inside Iraq & abroad. The AICDIB seeks to set a study to establish an Institute of Commerce based on International Standards. Set the orientations for dialogue with National & International developed investment foundations. Also we Would like to mention that all our members are a Participated in Iraqi Chambers of Commerce. With regards
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