jews-kurdish relations

The history of Jewish presence in the land of Mesopotamia dates back to around the year 700 BC, where he practiced an important role in the economic and cultural life. However, they since the forties of the last century, have been subjected to attacks Organization, as was killed numbers of them, and stole their homes and looted, imigratted to Europe, America and Israel. All of this happened to coincide with the rise of the Zionist movement in Palestine and the expulsion of the Arabs, including the establishment of the State of Israel, while not the hands of the Jews of Iraq in this work. Most Jews live in the capital, Baghdad, as well as the province of Kurdistan, and have their own temples and rituals that they practice it in a natural form and they had their role in the social life and economical as well as political. It was the first Minister of Finance after the founding of the Iraqi state in 1921 Jew named Sassoon Eskell, who took over the ministry for two years between 1921 and 1923, and is known for his commitment and professionalism in the ministry's leadership and devotion to Iraq and his insistence on Iraq's currency evaluation. In spite of their migration and leave Iraq, but that the presence of neighborhoods and regions is still the name of the Jews in Sulaymaniyah, and their old homes, and other parts of Iraq And it issued "Israel-Kurd" magazine on its cover a picture of a woman carrying an Israeli flag and the other for the Star of David, a sign of affection and harmony of the past and the beautiful memories and living in Kurdistan. The magazine has included the historical images of Jews Kurds in northern Iraq in their twenties and Althelaetheinat and forties of the last century. The magazine sheds light on the habits and traditions of the Jews, the Kurds in northern Iraq as well as their presence and their number and their relationship with the region's population areas. It also includes research and studies on the role of Jews in Iraq, whether political, economic or social with the importance of building relations with the Jewish State. The Jews have made professions of trade, agriculture and enjoyed good relations with the Kurds. 13 October / October last, the Kurdistan Regional Government announced the opening of the Representation of the Jewish religion at the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs. He said the ministry spokesman in the government of Iraq's Kurdistan region Miroan Naqshbandi for "the Monitor": "The Parliament of the region issued in April / May last right of Minorities Act, was voted on completely unanimous, before it is ratified by the regional president Massoud Barzani. This gives the law right each religion has followers in the region to establish a representative office and practice rituals freely. Naqshbandi and pointed to the existence of "more than 400 Jewish families living in the region, and the number is increasing every day, so it was the opening of the Representation of them like other religions and sects, and Jews have the right to provide their own projects to the Government of the region and to build temples The Jews have made professions of trade, agriculture and enjoyed good relations with the Kurds. In the government "and asked recover what has been taken over by the previous Iraqi governments, which turned them into mosques or commercial buildings He added that "there are large numbers of Jewish families intend to return from abroad and live in the region, despite the fact that everything is available to have in Israel and Europe, but Iraq is the motherland for them and see it as a safe place, and because of living in Iraq is a part of history For his part, a spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Saad al-Hadithi for "the Monitor": "The opening of the Representation of the Jews in the Kurdistan region of Iraq a welcome step, provided that they are away from the influence of the State of Israel A reminder of the past, the Jews of Iraq, believes that the decision by the Iraqi government in 1950 to drop the Iraqi citizenship from them is a racist decision discriminatory unfair in their right, adding that the government of Nuri al-Said at the Royal itself Covenant increased it inequitable issued on the third of October / October 1951 legally freeze funds both dropped him citizenship. "The presence of Jews in Iraq is not new. They are living in this country for thousands of years, and there are those who work more than half a century since the expulsion from Iraq and displace them to other countries, and their right to return to their country." We hope the federal government, "the opening of a private representation of the Jews of Baghdad and other provinces, as Iraqis have left the country without the guilt of having exercised their right in the ugliest methods of violence, to leave their homeland and migrate in their midst nostalgia for their land where they have lived thousands of years ago." That "the Government of the Territory to do many tasks, including protecting the Jews, and the recognition of religious affiliation, and provide the opportunity for their participation in the political process, and the restoration of temples and shrines of their own, and to provide protection for them when they visit and practice rituals like other religions in the region Inviting them to return to the region and to live more safely than other parts of Europe, according to the claim. The report, which translated Agency / information / said that "the Kurdistan Regional Government, was appointed in November of 2015, the first Jewish representative in Israel is Sherzad Omar Masana with established Arbil last week's first official ceremony in memory of the Day of the Holocaust by the Nazis , Holocaust. we hope the Jews from all of the world arrange tourist visit to their land in Kurdistan and stay here for a while ,see the progress of the region ,beside we in need of their experience in all fields like agriculture ,industry and tour . we hope to see in near future serious steps to develop jew-kurdish relations .
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