ا To / U.S. consulate / Political Department sub / initiative and proposals We as an economic neutral non profit  strive to develop the economy of Iraq in general and Kurdistan in particular. Economy region suffering from decline and underdevelopment from time to time . Therefore many reasons, including the absence of the law of oil and gas which will  defines the powers of the regions and provinces in the extraction of oil and non- approval of the Federal Government on the move by the region and added to it  the results of the elections and the formation of the government . , as well as a deficit in the budget of the province, causing a lack of cash in banks and delay payment of salaries of employees and retirees. Also  the absence of the President and the suspension of the problems between the center and the region and not to be solved radically . finally been added a split among the members of the Political Bureau because  of the absence of party secretary and other problems . the United States had played  an honorable role in ridding Iraq of dictatorship and the liberation of the Kurdish people from slavery .  for These reasons and  Other positive reasons   Kurdish people generally prefer to U.S. intervention rather than  neighboring countries to solve  the current crisis occurring among the leadership of the puk . The region consists of three provinces ( Erbil, the capital , Sulaimaniyah , Dohuk ) and Sulaymaniyah form the cultural capital and the cradle of revolutions in decades. , And now  pass this province the problems of multiple and everyone wants to invest in the interest of both the government and the opposition . , And there is a loser and one from each of these crises, they are citizens and residents province. The most prominent of these problems, which finally appeared to the public, is split in the ranks of the leadership of the puk  and not to determine the national secretary of the union after an absence and disease of  party secretary. The personal interests and partisan debates and points of intervention different internal and regional lead to the deepening of this crisis and the negative impact on the formation of the government. We as an organization operating within the region and are keen on the security and stability of the region and our tasks to work on the development of industry and trade, which can not only happen in safe conditions . , And we are of our faith and our duty to national  we hope U.S. in Erbil to participate and intervene to calm the crisis and find suitable solutions . where we know that the United States played important roles in addressing the many and complex problems in Iraq after 2003. We as an a neutral economic organization we show   readiness to extend their cooperation to depending on  good personal relationship with all parties . We hope that our request will be responded by the political section at the U.S. Consulate in Erbil . With my sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Taha Hama Rashid

Ahmed Abdullah Tawfeeq



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